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Welcome to the South Wales Islamic Centre

Who we are?

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The South Wales Islamic Centre, Alice Street, Cardiff was built in the late 1970's in the classical Arabic style by Davies Llewellyn Partnership. The building occupies 250 square meters, and has an impressive bronze dome around which are 16 stained glass windows designed by students of the College of Art, Swansea. The lower parts of the structure are built of red bricks. The building includes a Women's centre and main area for worship.

Mosque Extension

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This business plan is for potential funders to gain an understanding of the area in which The Islamic Centre is situated, and the need for an extension of the Mosque to construct a learning centre.

We envisage the community as a whole will benefit from the new building and the facilities available to Muslims and non Muslims regarding their educational attainment into the research of Islam. 

Latest News

Extension Project

To extend the mosque and to build a comprehensive construction on to the building that is both a religious and learning cultural centre of outstanding value for the Muslim communitymore